How to Learn Hacking? (with some suggestions)

If you are clicked on this article, You probably want to learn about Hacking. The reason why I have written this article is That a lot of people approached me to know about Ethical Hacking so I can’t answer all of those. PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY.

Before you move further, you definitely watch this video by a professional hacker called live overflow. Most of your questions will be answered by watching it.

feel free to search for words

Let's get started. If you are completed watching the video, I assume you are a beginner or called a script kiddie (it is a term that means “who doesn't coding and how things works”). First of all, you need to know very basic knowledge about how computers work, basic networking, and some Linux commands.


If you want to learn about how to hack Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram. this is not the right motto to learn hacking in case if the victim will raise a complaint against you, you will be punished by the Indian government under the IT act 2000. if you want to stay in jail you can do the above stuff.

Step 1:

Try to gain knowledge of the CEH certification (Do not purchase CEH course or certification now doesn't have a good value in the industry). You can learn all the topics of CEH on youtube for free.


this playlist Helps you to know about some terms in ethical Hacking

Step 2:

Finish youtube playlist by Hackersploit. It is great for beginners.

Step 3:

Now it is time to learn real hacking.

Start solving CTF challenges and Boot to root machines on VulnHub, TryHackMe, and Hack The Box.

I personally like TryHackMe

Watch these two videos by LiveOverFlow


Step 4

learn Python and read the Blackhat Python book.

there are more steps I will update it soon.

alert: I will edit this article every month.

I am a Cyber security researcher. I am good at programming and Multimedia as well.